London 2006

Our great friends, Gillian and Elvis, invited us to stay at their home in London and see some of what England had to offer.  We found it to be absolutely incredible... awe inspiring.  We ran all over London for 7 days soaking up the beauty and the history.  Gillian and Elvis have a beautiful home and treated us as though WE were the "royal family".

Blenheim Palace

Home of the Duke of Marlborough









and birthplace of Winston Churchill

Hampton Court Palace

Home of Henry VIII, Oliver Cromwell and others










Windsor Castle (a small part)

The flag indicates the Queen is in residence


Dave, Laura, Gillian and Elvis at Windsor







Patón -- the fearless guardian of Villa Pellumbi

Laura outside Villa Pellumbi




The grave of William Penn




Dr. Who?  No... Just Laura and Dave in a

phonebooth outside of the Crown Pub


The awesome Westminster Abbey








Buckingham Palace -- changing of the Guard





A fabulous carriage at The Royal Mews


Outside "Speaker's Corner" at Hyde Park






Kennsington Palace



The White Tower at the 

Tower of London





The armor of Henry VIII




Trafalgar Square




Big Ben

Piccadilly Circus
















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